Commercial Heat Pumps – Dimock’s The Heat Pump Specialists

Dimock Heat Pumps can satisfy your commercial heating needs. Our expert team is ready to meet your requirements at your office, retail outlet or manufacturing plant.


A comfortable workplace is a must, and a heat pump system is an ideal way to keep your work environment at the temperature you want while keeping your running costs low.


Dimock Heat Pumps has full access to Fujitsu’s range of commercial heat pump solutions, and can install anything from a single high-wall unit in your cafeteria to a complete ducted system that runs throughout your entire building and into every room.


We’ll design a system that suits your specific needs, with our experience as well as our use of the latest in CAD software ensuring that your heating system will be designed to be as effective as possible.


One outdoor unit can supply as many as 8 indoor units, allowing us to design in a way that absolutely maximises the efficiency of your system.

We have significant experience with working closely with and alongside local commercial building providers such as Steel Shed Systems to ensure a smooth integration of your heating system into the design and build processes.


Contact us today to discuss the requirements you have for an upgraded heating system or for your new build, and we’ll be more than happy to talk through your options with you and explain just how we can help.



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